How to take good escort photos

How to take good escort photosAs an escort, you will be attentive to how your image and information is displayed online on your various escort profiles. A big part of any escort profile, when viewed by a potential client, is the section containing photographs. A good set of realistic yet engaging and exciting photos can set your profile apart from others and get the client calling you first. Note that the word “realistic” is key – the only thing that can go wrong with a brilliant set of photos is if they do not show what you look like when the client meets you. Learning how to take good escort photos is thus essential to all those in the escort industry.

That said, your photos can be the key to your success as an escort. Most clients need a visual stimulus to really know what you look like and what they would like to see when spending time with you. So, buckle up and read on to see how you can get a great set of photos, without wasting time or money!

How much do escort photos cost?

In the past, photoshoots involved highly experienced photographers in studios, but today, even your mobile has a very sophisticated camera, sometimes on both sides of the phone. This is not to say that photographers are not worth their fees, but rather that you do not need to pay a great deal of money or travel to a studio.

But, almost anyone can take a good photograph nowadays with the right equipment and a little training. There are, for escort photos, some shots and styles that will suffice for most escorts. If you want to have photos that are out-of-this-world, then yes, perhaps you should pay for professional photography, but how to take good escort photos is not a huge secret.

What do I need to take good escorts photos?

First off, you need a good camera, but often your mobile phone will do, it is just that with either device, you are better off if someone else is taking the shots than yourself using a timer. This means that you can either take the photos yourself or have a friend take them. But do not take selfies or photos with mirrors! Use the timer function on your camera or phone and set it up correctly. For this, it may be worthwhile to invest in a tripod (some are very inexpensive).

Secondly, you need lots of light. “Open all the windows and switch on all the lights” is the advice Airbnb gives to those people who are renting out their apartments. Candles and dimmed lights don’t work, and you can always alter the photos with lots of light in them later. If you must, take a few shots with full light and then with the lower light setting you think will work – you can then choose the best shots afterwards.

Regarding light, choose settings that have a lot of natural light, as this reduces shadows. Shadows are not going to work well for escort photos. The same applies for harsh light which may cause you to squint instead of looking properly at the camera. Having or getting a tan can help, but bear in mind that when you meet your client, if your tan has faded, they may be disappointed.

How to take good escort photosLastly, you need the right clothing and background. These are two separate things, but while you can easily choose your clothing (or lack thereof), most people tend to forget the background when taking their own photo. Plan the background carefully, preferably being simply plain, with minimal or no objects behind you.

How to take good escort photos with angles and poses

The key to taking a good photograph is to take many shots with slight differences – that way you have many to choose from and one always stands out. Getting creative is fine, too, as this will set you apart from the other escorts on any website.

Your body and posing
Certain ways of sitting, standing and lying down can accentuate your body in excellent ways to get clients calling you left, right and centre.

– Angle your shoulders when facing the camera. A slight optical illusion is created when angling your broadest feature (your shoulders) and your appearance will be longer and thinner. Shemale escorts may find this important.
– Moving your head slightly to the front instead of dipping your face will avoid any possibility of a “double chin”. Also, looking up and not down is important, so keep the camera above yourself. This may also be the vantage point of many of your clients.
– To get your face looking relaxed and full, inhale and puff out your cheeks for three seconds, then relax them and snap!
– Keep your arms closer to your body to avoid the underarm fat of your upper arm area from showing. Everyone has some of this fat and the trick on how to take good escort photos is to show your best viewpoints.
– When retracting your stomach, make sure to stand straight and not to pose awkwardly. Breathe in and hold the air, while being sure to bend your body naturally.
– Items of clothing or props such as a sheet can hide anything you do not wish to show, such as a scar or tattoo.
– Putting your hands in your hair or a photo with both hands behind your head is quite sexy. Try some shots like this, especially if you have long hair.
– Kneeling is a good pose, just keep your legs close or together and tilt your body back a little to give yourself an elongated and slimmer look.
– Showcase your hair if you have beautiful locks – clients love this! A photo from the back showing your hair can do wonders, or drape it over your chest with a smile. Lying down on a sheet with your hair spread out also looks great.
– Giving clients a view of your legs is also a winner. Lie down on the floor with your bottom against the wall and extend your legs up the wall, bending them slightly at the knee.
– Do not use loose clothing as this makes you look larger than you are – this is not how to take good escort photos.
– Make sure in each photo that contains your hands, that you are doing something purposeful with them. Touch your waist, your hair, hold something, hold a fold in a sheet, anything! Do not let them simply hang around in thin air.

Keeping a good pose and using these tips and some props can make a good photo into a fabulous photo.

Camera tricks and practice

The first camera trick to use is the focus setting. Focusing the camera on yourself blurs the background and makes for some very delicate and sexy photos. Or, you could slightly blur your own naked image while focussing on something in the foreground, like a pair of shoes or a piece of clothing.

Before (or while!) you take photos, practice in front of a mirror to give yourself confidence in how you look in different poses and with your body and head at different angles. See how you smile and how it feels so you can replicate this when you are posing. Look carefully to see which side of you looks best and see which photo poses and angles give you a “double chin” or give unflattering looks.

Last word
To say it again, you have to make sure that your photos and poses on your profile represent you in reality and also show what it is like to spend time with you. When your photos are online, they are in the public domain and something that you want to be proud of.

If you are still struggling on how to take good escort photos of yourself after these tips, perhaps it is time to ask a professional escort photographer for some photos.