Etiquette with an escort

Etiquette with an escort in South AfricaThis page aims at giving some tips and advice on how to deal with interactions with your chosen escort, masseuse, shemale, etc. While it may contain some advice that does not work for every single escort, generally the information below is a very good guide on etiquette with an escort.

What is an escort

First and foremost, it is key to note that escorts are not selling sex. Many people are confused by the difference between an escort and a prostitute, but the distinction is simple and clear: escorts sell their time. What you and the escort do during that time is up to two consenting adults.

How to contact an escort

While browsing online and on zina, when you find an escort you wish to book, call him/her. Do not text, send instant messages on an app, or call from a private or withheld number. If you are concerned about the privacy of your personal information, use a new SIM card in a new phone (and if you need that, you probably should check how to delete your browsing history too).

When you call, be respectful (this is key throughout the entire time you spend talking to or meeting your escort). A simple introduction includes that you saw their profile on zina and what you are looking for, a bit about yourself and what you expect. This is all it takes to let your escort know how he or she can help you have a fabulous time. Make sure you have also read her profile page to find out what you can about her, and feel free to ask her relevant questions.

An example may be that you require an escort for a high profile public event, or something totally different: you want a quiet and cosy dinner for two at a restaurant with some time at your hotel thereafter. If you are not clear about what you want or need, you might not get it and be disappointed. Be sure to read the profile carefully to know what is on the menu and do not deviate from this. Check any escort terms in a glossary up front if you are not sure.

On the day of the appointment

Once you have organised a time and place for your meeting, be sure to prepare correctly on the day. Be clean (shower beforehand), neat, properly clothed and smell good (not too much cologne!). If you want to know whether your escort prefers you to be shaven – simply ask him or her. If you are in charge of the venue in any way, make sure it is clean and tidy as well. Etiquette with an escort is exactly like preparing for a date.

Be discreet when necessary. If you are meeting your escort in a hotel, do not make a loud phone call in the lobby asking where they are, only to meet them seconds later for all to see. Do not ask an escort how many clients they have or have seen that day – it simply is not appropriate or respectful.

Be right on time for your meeting, and if you are going to be late, call to say so, but remember that this missed time is on your watch and the appointment will not be extended or any of the terms changed. Leave or end on time as well, there is no need to linger. Overstaying is out of the question and annoying. If you want to extend the time together, simply ask. If the answer is yes, then act accordingly.

Etiquette with an escort


Have any gift or donation ready up front, never let them ask for it. Do not try to negotiate or make any comments other than something simple, like: “This is for you.” Remember that this is seen as a donation, not a payment. After your time is finished, you are welcome to tip and it is encouraged and appreciated. Be aware that gifts, while definitely acceptable, should often be vetted with your escort upfront in case they include something the escort is allergic to, for example.

Which brings up the issue of security. You can expect that the escort has told someone where they are going – this is totally normal. If everything turns out fine, this information is not needed. But in South Africa and in fact every part of the world, such security measures are necessary. Etiquette with an escort means you expect them to check the hotel bathroom if you involve a hotel in your meeting. Don’t bring a friend along to any meeting unless previously agreed upon. Food and beverages must be sealed or served at a public restaurant or establishment. Don’t offered drugs and similar banned or illegal substances. As with everything, to repeat: be respectful and consensual.


If you unfortunately need to cancel, best do it as soon as possible (i.e. as early before the date and time as you can). The only way to cancel is to phone and reschedule, or, if you have changed your mind and do not wish to continue, simply say so and your escort will understand, if you excuse yourself early enough before the appointment. Remember that if you like each other and you wish to book time with them again, they will take how you have coordinated things previously into account.


To reiterate for the last time, etiquette with an escort is simple – be respectful and communicate openly. They will appreciate you and make sure your time is enjoyable – which is the entire aim of the meeting or appointment.

On a final note, if you are reading this and you are an escort, and have something to add, please send through your opinion or thoughts on etiquette with an escort.